First e85 pull and hit EPC, reading around 65% ethanol on the sensor. LTFT showing -9 at worst so not enough E, need to clear codes to reset LTFT% back to 0 now that main gas is out of the system. -9 for LTFT% is max to show there needs to be more ethanol (negative means add more E, positive means subtract E).

ReFlex take 3 troubleshooting PI

-Reflashed bootloader with image file Motiv V2.0 MHD HEX -V2.56 XDF -V2.0 ADX About wiring: the blue and green is wired to the Vader Solutions LPFP. Looks like green is + and blue is ground. The + green wires into ReFlex Aux 1 control, and the blue ground is wired into charge pipe hobbs switch. Worth noting—second hobbs wire is just dangling—not sure if that should be connected anywhere maybe to ReFlex Aux 2 control??