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  • ✓ Compatible CSV Logs:
  • Hurt Alert
  • Cobb
  • DashCommand
  • EcuTek
  • EvoScan
  • JB4
  • MHD
  • OpenFlash
  • PROcede
  • RomRaider
  • Tactrix
  • Torque
  • And More...
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    In seconds generate an interactive chart that you can share: zoom, filter data, shared or individual axes, set markers, export an image.

  • Multiple Uploads

    Like It Raw?

    Don't waste time in Excel searching for a specific moment. The raw view automatically follows your position on the interactive chart.

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    Stay Organized

    On your profile page search through all your uploaded logs by name, description, or fuel type. Quickly access favorited friends and logs.